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Lest We Forget

After attending 2 of our local Remembrance Day Ceremonies, the youth concluded that they didn’t like it. They like theĀ concept, but not the act of doing it. Why? They couldn’t hear anything or see anything. Being in a city, our services are packed. I’ve honestly never actually heard anything being said at a service aside from the firing of the canon, jets over-head and the trumpets. I totally understood what my Cub Scouts were saying.

We asked the Howlers Council a difficult question: “Then what do we do next year?”

A moment of silence. Another moment. One of the newer Cubs started to say something but stopped, saying it was stupid. Another one of the Howlers said that they’d like to hear.

“Have our own service?”

Done deal Cub Scout.

Snow Globes

Snow globes for Cub Scouts

Don’t want to decorate ornaments this year? Want to do something a little more fun and sparkly? Why no make a snow globe?

Pizza at Camp FTW!

Cub Scout Camp GroceriesAn one night camp of 6 adults and 12 youth in the middle of October in lovely Vancouver, British Columbia. It was a linking camp for Colony and Pack.

If I were to tell you our grocery bill total was only $121.56, would you believe me? Well, it’s true. What’s even better is that everything was warm and pretty healthy all things considered. That works out to be about $6.76 per person for 4 snacks (includes mug-up), 1 lunch, 1 dinner and 1 breakfast. I can’t even do that well for 2 people!

“But I don’t wanna!”

Disengaged YouthYou know how every week Zak is sitting out and being disengaged? How he pokes at Jimmy to upset him? How he does everything he can to get on your nerves?

Well, it’s not his fault. Nor is it yours. Sometimes, Cubs or Beavers don’t know how to articulate things that embarrass them. If you watch carefully, they will be engaged for a short while and then something will turn them away. When I was a Scouter at the HIghlanders, there was a youth who loved everything that was Cub Scouts but acted out, was rude, sit out during games and be disruptive.