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“But I don’t wanna!”

Disengaged YouthYou know how every week Zak is sitting out and being disengaged? How he pokes at Jimmy to upset him? How he does everything he can to get on your nerves?

Well, it’s not his fault. Nor is it yours. Sometimes, Cubs or Beavers don’t know how to articulate things that embarrass them. If you watch carefully, they will be engaged for a short while and then something will turn them away. When I was a Scouter at the HIghlanders, there was a youth who loved everything that was Cub Scouts but acted out, was rude, sit out during games and be disruptive.

Standards for A Pack in the Concrete Jungle

For Child and Youth Safety, we will never ever EVER use a Youth’s real name and will often just use their Six Colour and a misc letter (Blue C) or their Cub Name (eg: Red Fang). Any photos we post will be used with permissions from the parent/guardian.

We will also never post any future plans for our respective groups.


If you have ANY concerns, please contact us at with the relevant post and your concern, We want to make sure all youth are safe and protected, all the while sharing relevant programming information with Scouters around the world.