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The Blind Cub Scout

English_braille_sample from WikipediaEnglish_braille_sample from Wikipedia

Sample of English Braille from Wikipedia

How do you teach Cubs about how lucky they are to be an able bodied person? Why, over two meetings to expose them to different forms of communication and have them go blind for the night. For the month of January, the Concrete Jungle Pack explored the world of the disabled.

Making A Six

There are 16 Cubs running around, and you have to break them into smaller groups to help manage them a little easier. You know that Johnny and Sam are good friends and play well, but you’ve noticed that they’ve taken a shining to Frankie. Harry is a bit of a trouble maker, and Sally is proud and independent. It’s not easy to divide Cubs into Six’s, but here are my general rules of thumb.

A Six from 1st Maple Scouts

A Six from 1st Maple Scouts

Program Quality

When I came to Elsie Roy, there wasn’t really a three year plan in place as the out going Akela didn’t know how long they would be able to stay as the Akela. They had a focus on Community and creating a culture while exploring the outdoors. Aside from that, I got to start from a clean slate.

Given this was my third time, I was hesitant on working on a path for the Cubs to venture on when I had only met them once and didn’t really have a feel for them or what their interests were. Alas, I had to get a few things prepared for the start of the year so I wouldn’t be showing up empty handed.