November 27, 2014

Nov. 20th 2014 Meeting – Toy Drive Segment – Above and Beyond

Over the last couple of weeks, I have talked to the pack about doing a toy drive and the importance to take a moment and think of other kids who don’t get to have presents because of things they can’t control. It’s not fair, but we can help them by donating gifts. Our toy drive will benefit two places for two types of donations. Used items will be going to a local shelter with children and new items will be going to BC Children’s Hospital.

A week after the Toy Drive is finished, a Cub Scout from each Six (and the Kim!) will be accompanying Scouters to make the donations so they can report back to their Six’s about the impact that their Six has made. We have 8 Toy Donation Bags (2 for each six in their six colour) so each six can take their bag in.

Meet Green Six. Green Six is a great six. Their Sixer is called Green Eyes. They are a cute, smart, Lanky, quirky, and exactly what a Sixer needs to be. Green Eyes touched me the first time I met him as a youth who is going to grow and going to end up doing great things. Give him a challenge, and he does his darndest to complete it.

Instead of donating a toy or gift, Green Eyes donated $300 in Canadian Tire Gift Cards AND an additional $300 to insert charity name. I am super touched by what he’s done. Of course, the leadership spoke to Green Eye’s parents to make sure that they were supportive of this.

Green Eyes did more than his best. When we thank all the youth for participating at the group potluck, we will be recognizing Green Eyes by giving them Ovation Chocolates, because they deserve and Ovation for going far beyond anything the team ever thought possible.

It’s truly amazing what can happen with the right inspiration.

Cub Scout Toy Drive 2014

*There was a little more than what’s imaged.


November 27, 2014

November 28, 2014



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