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December 17, 2014

I was a shy kid growing up. There wasn’t anything super unique about me aside from being able to do math that was 2 years above my grade with ease (which kind of made me a bigger outcast than I already was). I didn’t have any friends, if any. I enjoyed homework because I could get good marks and see an achievement I’ve made. Super minor in the grand scheme of things, but it was still something I achieved.

Cub Scout Benjamin from WinnipegToday’s youth are no different.

Cub Scout Benjamin from Winnipeg

They want to see that they’ve achieved something and can show it with pride. It’s why I love the badges in Cubs. For completing a few learning learning objectives, Cubs can potentially earn a badge that shows that they know their stuff. Sure, to get a carpentry badge you need to understands the basics of woodworking and normally get a Kub Kar out of the deal, but to a Cub, that little badge shows that they are capable and can learn more to become better at it. With over 50 badges to earn, there’s no limit to what it may inspire.

Cub Scout Photographer BadgeTake the photography badge. I don’t follow it to perfect “T”, but rather have modified it for today’s digital camera era. Show me how to properly handle a camera, learn about the rule of thirds, show us composition, learn what’s a good photo and what’s not (such as having someone cut out of the frame vs. having a full group shot). While these are pretty basic skills, it’s still something that can steem a life long passion and hobby. Having the Photography badge on their uniform is a reminder of the memories and lessons that they’ve experienced. One Cub I worked with at Yennadon (who is now Venturer age… GROSS!) is a pretty amazing shot now. Like, wow good.

It’s a fast paced world, and memories aren’t what they use to be. Having something tied to a memory or experience can help you to recall things many years later. Every badge I’ve collected from a camp or Scouting event reminds me of the friends I’ve made (and typically sparks me to reach out and reconnect with them after some time has passed).

photoWhat’s your favourite badge you’ve earned as a member of Scouting? This is mine, it’s that most recent Nitehike badge.



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