November 26, 2014

I love Jungle Opening. It’s my favourite thing about being an Akela. It’s the one time I encourage the Cubs to try and over power me volume wise, and they take it. I also am not afraid to be over excited when they just hit the nail on the head with the Opening. As you’ll see, it’s rather lengthy process and can get complicated.

Trouble is, most groups don’t do a good Jungle Opening because it can be tricky to get the Cubs to learn the parts. The easiest way to do this, is how Scouters learn, learn by doing.

Learn by Doing, Grand Howl Cub Scouts

Oh yes, the Cub that could use their voice to be loud and proud (without screaming) was selected to be “Akela”. They had a cheat sheet with what to say and the Scouters were told their parts. After watching, we traded places and the Cub Scouts tried their first Grand Howl Jungle Edition.

It was a little bumpy, but it takes some time to learn.

Here’s how I’ve been doing my Jungle Opening:

Pack! PAACK!
Pause for a moment to build some anticipation for…

Cubs rush in to form Rock Ciricle, howling.

Look well oh wolves, look well Cubs Howl

Now this is the law of the jungle
As old and as true as the sky
The wolf that shall keep it may prosper
But the wolf that shall break it must die
Cubs repeat the Cub Law

Eyes the see in the Dark -(CubsĀ Whisper back) ‘the dark’
Feet that leave no mark -(CubsĀ Whisper back) ‘no mark’

Cubs put their hands up and represent ears while walking towards the Akela
“We Are the Cubs of 23rd Elsie Roy”

As the dawn was breaking,
The Wolf Pack Howled:


Tongue Give tongue to it,

(This is where most openings start)

(Shouted) Akela, we’ll do our best!

Sixer: We’ll DYB DYB DYB
Cubs: We’ll DOB DOB DOB!

Cubs leave their left hand in the Cub Salute and repeat the Cub Scout Promise.



Does your pack have any fun openings?


November 26, 2014

November 27, 2014



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