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A Pack In The Concrete Jungle

November 24, 2014

After 6 years, I’m still a Cub Scouter. And I love it.

I haven’t moved up to Troop. I haven’t swum down to Colony. I’m perfectly content working in the pack. I have no children of my own and have just aged out of the Rover Scout program. I didn’t grow up in with Scouting, but rather I found it when I needed it most. Read more about that here.

Since writing “Mission Based Healing: Bipolar Doesn’t Mean A Pole Short of a Tripod”, I have moved into beautiful Vancouver with my fiancée. I’ve changed groups (again) and now call the 23rd Elsie Roy my home. They are a home group of the 180th Pacific Coast Scout Group, which is super awesome to work with. 180th acts like a Group Committee/Rover Crew for 23rd Elise Roy, to help develop their Rover’s leadership and management skills in a real world setting.

So, why am I writing this article? I want to share the details of why I absolutely love working in pack that sometimes politics, limited resources or situations blind us to. When I’m getting ready for Cubs the night before, I feel re-energized and happy. It hasn’t always been this way and I expect the dread to come back some day with the re-energized and happy feelings returning afterwards.

Will there be more like this? Absolutely! My goal is to share my resources to help other Pack’s explore and enjoy the world around them with new eyes. Maybe throw in a few more SPICES to make a few programs easier for Scouters who are just starting out or are looking for more ideas.

I welcome you to:

A Pack in the Concrete Jungle

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