December 3, 2014

As a section lead, I take pride in the time I get with the Cubs. Interacting with them, listening to them babble and having them do a surprise/secret badge test without them knowing.

Ice Skating with Cub Scouts

Ice Skating with Cub Scouts, the first ones onto the ice.

And that’s why nights like Ice Skating are a struggle for me. Normally I’m first one on the ice and the last one off. Gliding around and falling down with the rest of them. But not on this trip. This trip, I stayed off the ice. And it hurt more than ripping off a band-aid from the forearm.

Why? So that the other Scouters could have the time to bond, connect, and troubleshoot with a safety net of me being there if they needed it. So I could watch interactions between the Cubs. So I could talk to parents and discuss how their youth is doing. So I could continue to grow.

I am happy to report, that my findings were simply marvelous. I learned that one of my Cubs speaks Thia fluently. I watched one of the Cub Scouters shine and help a Cub get off the boards and take a few prideful glides before bailing. And I watched the Kim immediately take the cue to help watch over the Pack as they skated around.

What should you take away from this? The same thing I did, that it’s okay to sit back and watch the magic happen.



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