November 25, 2014

So you have your Cubs separated into their Six’s. You’ve given them a corner to muster in for opening and collect their dues. Sometimes, Cubs forget where their Six meets. Other times, you’ll find a Blue Cub hanging out with Green Six. Most common, you’ll have a new Cub come into the program and you’ll say “Go to Red Six” and the poor thing won’t know what you’re talking about.

The solution we came up with was creating a simple, compactable flag per den. (Because Cubs are Wolves and have Dens)


Using 13″ by 30″  pieces of fabric and some felt to make the wolf head and lettering with my friend the hot glue gun, the Scouters had a fun night getting crafty to make these lovely Den flags.

As for the stands, it takes 10ft of PVC pipe and 3 “T” joints and 1 “L” joint to assemble.

It’s a great way to do a gathering activity for the Six’s when they first show up. It’s not easy for 1 Cub to set-up as the vertical pole is just that little bit taller than they are. We kept one flag a little taller than the rest to denote the duty Six of the night.

*If you cut the 4 ft tall pole to a 2 ft length and add a coupling, you can easily store all the pieces in a handy bag that you leave out for the six’s to assemble with all the pieces separated.

The Scouters for the section came over to my place and we had a great night of team building. If you’re new to a team or just are looking for an excuse to get to know each other, doing a craft night is the best. You’ll take careful note of the imperfections in each flag. This makes it a bit more human and far more of a treasure for the youth.

Total cost per flag: $16 (and a couple of hours of leadership time well spent) ($12 for the PVC and $4 approx for the material)


November 25, 2014

November 26, 2014



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