November 27, 2014

Meeting: Week 2 – Open House

During the teacher’s strike this year, the Pack wasn’t able to meet in the gym as per usual. Instead, we lucked out with the weather and did stomp rockets.

Stomp Rockets for Cub Scouts

Materials per stomp rocket:

  • 1/2 Bike tube
  • 1 ft of PVC pipe
  • 2x 2L pop bottles
  • some paper
  • scotch tape
    *Make sure that your bike tube is the same diameter as the PVC pipe or smaller- you need to be able to make a tight seal

Instruction for the “stomp” part:

  1. Cut your PVC pipe to be 1 ft if you have more than 1ft worth of pipe
  2. Cut your bike tube in half. Discard of the part that has the air passage
  3. Rinse out the 2L pop bottle and discard the lid.
  4. Stretch the bike tube over the mouth of the 2L of pop.
  5. Stretch the other end of the bike tube over the PVC pipe.
  6. Add some duct tape to the PCV and bike tubing for added strength.
    *Don’t add duct tape to the 2L as the 2L will have a short life.
  7. Create your rocket to fit snuggly over the PCV pipe.
  8. Place 2L on the ground, slip on the rocket, and stomp away!

Here’s a reference video:

Badge: Space Exploration, #5


November 26, 2014

November 27, 2014



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