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Snow Globes

December 7, 2014

Don’t want to decorate ornaments this year? Want to do something a little more fun and sparkly? Why no make a snow globe?


Plastic figurines (dinosaurs always are a hit)

A Pack In the Concrete Jungle Crafts Cub Scouts

A Cub Scout Diwali

November 28, 2014

Diwali also known the “festival of lights”, is an ancient Hindu festival celebrated in autumn every year. The festival spiritually signifies the victory of light over darkness, knowledge over…

A Pack In the Concrete Jungle Crafts Cub Scouts Video

Stomp Rockets

November 27, 2014

Meeting: Week 2 – Open House
During the teacher’s strike this year, the Pack wasn’t able to meet in the gym as per usual. Instead, we lucked out with the…

A Pack In the Concrete Jungle Cub Scouts Photography

Six’s Den Flags

November 25, 2014

So you have your Cubs separated into their Six’s. You’ve given them a corner to muster in for opening and collect their dues. Sometimes, Cubs forget where their Six…